In short

This meadow in the village of Reningelst (Poperinge, Westhoek, Belgium) has been there for centuries. The meadow is at risk as the current owners plan to sell the meadow to a construction company that wants to build houses. With our cooperation (with social objective) and together with association De Weij we aim to buy the meadow. We currently own 3 out of 8 parts of the meadow. Our future plan is to convert the area in "a place for everyone" and to make sure there is a conservation plan for future generations. For 2023 we aim to buy 1/4th of the meadow.

Do you want to know more about the project? Send us an e-mail ( and we'll be happy to provide tons of information. 

You can now participate and become a shareholder of the project.

How does it work? Very simple.
Buy one or more shares by paying (one or multiple times) 1.250 euros on our account number BE90 1030 7831 4232, BIC NICABEBB with your address, e-mail and or phone number as reference.

The shares are fixed for five years. The nominal value per share is guaranteed.
We do issue a paper certificate. Every year we reserve some organic apple juice for you.
You do get discount on the activities organized by "De Weij" and you're more then welcome on our shareholders meeting where we decide together on the future of the meadow.

We've made a risk analysis which is currently available in Dutch: informatienota.